Reading Nostalgia: The Wild Swan Trilogy

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I don’t think very many people have read the Wild Swan books, but they were some of my favorite books as a teenager. I loved them so much I developed a funny kind of tradition around them. I think I first read these in the 8th grade, then decided not to obey my impulse to immediately reread the series and instead saved them to reread my first week of high school. I then didn’t reread them again until my first week of college. Continue reading

Virtual Literary Road Trip Stop 9: New York City


 It’s almost Labor Day Weekend and my classes have started so I think this will be the last virtual road trip stop of the summer. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading along or writing posts themselves. Virtually we’ve been up and down the California coast, to the home of Anne of Green Gables, through Chicago, and even to Edinburgh. For the last stop I thought I’d pick New York City, where I moved about a week and a half ago. There are an unending number of literarily significant places in this city, but here are a few favorites of mine mixed with spots I hope to visit soon.

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Top Ten Books I Really Want to Read but Don’t Own Yet


Happy Tuesday! I’ve been in New York for a little over a week and tonight is my first class. I’m hopefully getting my new library card soon which will cut down on the cost of books, but here are ten books I really want to read but don’t own (yet!). Let me know which books on my list I should definitely make an effort to get my hands on soon! Thanks! Continue reading

Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins

9627755Swoon swoon swoonity swoon swoon.

I didn’t faint from extreme emotion while reading this book … but the writing, character-development, tension, voice and (of course) romantic hero are all so incredible swoon-worthy in this book that I think if I were the fainting type Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins, would totally have had me reaching for my smelling salts.

In my mind Stephanie Perkins can do no wrong when it comes to contemporary YA romance. Like many fans of her previous books, I’ve been eagerly waiting and anticipating this last companion book. Continue reading

Top Ten Books People Keep Recommending to Me


I had a bit of a hard time with this week’s topic (I feel like I say that every week) because with a few notable exceptions I love to take people’s reading recommendations. I also like to read books that have a lot of hype around them, whether they are classics or contemporary. But moving on, here are some books that keep getting recommended. Continue reading

Virtual Literary Road Trip Stop 8: Prince Edward Island

anne-of-green-gables Huge thanks to Crystal for this lovely guest post. I am beyond excited to share her post with you and beyond jealous of Crystal for going to the home of Anne with an E. Enjoy! 

When Alison asked me if was interested in contributing to her virtual literary road trip with a post featuring Prince Edward Island – I was over the moon. You see, I grew up just an hour away from the island of red shores and home to the magic of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Green Gables, and while it’s not summer without a visit to the Island — it’s been ages since I’ve done the Anne of Green Gables experience.  Continue reading