Literary Superbowl Predictions

By no stretch of the imagination am I what anyone would call a sports fan. Aside from being pretty terrible at all aspects of playing sports, I have many reasons of varying validity for this general boycott. I don’t like when people scream at the television. I’m scared of the way fans of each side vilify each other, exhibiting hatred for people they’ve never met. I took a class on the origins of sports, which left me to believe that most sports were created to either enforce chains of command in British Colonies or protect a fleeting idea of upper class racial superiority. The Aristocracy introduced sport in public schools (i.e. very $$$ private schools) in the 19th century when they were afraid their sons wouldn’t be able to defend the country against a rebellion from the lower class, who had innate strength from working in physical occupations. And if I’m wrong about either of those things, it’s probably because I took the class JYA in Scotland and could barely understand the lecturer because of his thick glaswegian accent. Although I don’t feel quite this strongly, I basically agree with the John Green quote, “I hated sports. I hated sports, and I hated people who played them, and I hated people who watched them, and I hated people who didn’t hate people who watched or played them.”

Needless to say, I was not super excited about the Super Bowl this weekend. There won’t even be the fried macaroni balls the Smith dining hall would serve in honor of the occasion. I will say that if anything could get me interested it is this hilarious chronicling of famous authors Super Bowl predictions.

Click here and enjoy your weekends!

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