Madness in March

It’s only day 2 of March Madness and I’m already completely out of the game. If you are wondering why I care, that’s a very fair question. It turns out that my usually genial touchy-feely office, gets a little crazy over March Madness. Let’s just say that today there was tons of people “giving each other the business” today. My only consolation for a ruined bracket, is that I’m pretty sure people who care more about basketball, who for example have watched a whole basket ball game, also have some pretty screwy brackets on their hands. I knew I should have gone with the mascot method. A spartan definitely beats a tiger, although who wins in a blue devil vs. mountain hawk is a little less clear…

Anyways, what I’m even more interested in is how many non sports related “march madness” have popped up all over the internet. Fashion, Politics, Books, if you can vote on it then it probably is in some kind of bracket right now. It’s too late for me to participate in most of these, but I am still pretty excited to see how they play out.


Some that I’ve seen and participated in:

  • The biggest splash I’ve seen is from Out Of Print Clothing’s Book Madness. So far I don’t see any big upsets, but I can’t wait to see what wins when Hunger Games goes up against Atonement.
  • If you don’t want to vote cross genre, this competition on She Knows separates books into different categories in their Best Book Ever 
  • My favorite baby name blog of all time, Appellation Mountain, doesn’t have brackets but it does have weekly March Madness voting for girls names and boys names to get to the champion names of the year. I’m rooting for Adelaide and Arthur!
  • You can feel free to judge books by their cover in this March Madness themed competition between different book covers, featured on Abe Books.
  • Best Week Ever put together a March Sadness Bracket comparing tear jerker movies that makes me feel like crying just reading the movie titles.
  • Novel Voice has a YA Book March Madness Tournament, that should answer the question of vampires versus dystopia once and for all.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is the Save By the Bell Tournament I found from last year.

6 thoughts on “Madness in March

  1. I know of at least two big upsets in the (men’s) tournament so far. Remember first year when we all filled out brackets and how crazy that was because none of us knew anything about men’s basketball?

    I don’t think Atonement and The Hunger Games will meet in the Out of Print bracket. If they did meet, it would be in the final and there is a lot of tough competition to get to there.

    • Yeah, I’m feeling a little bit better because apparently no one who filled out an ESPN bracket, which I think is like 6 million people or something, has a perfect bracket. Crazy!

    • Thank you! I am so starstruck that you are commenting on my blog. I’ve read AppellationMountain almost every day for two years. I can’t wait to see what name wins!

      • Not really ubsaece real March Madness initial match ups aren’t random, and a lot of thought and debate goes into matching up comparable teams. I’m just saying some of the initial match ups could have been better balanced.

  2. Thanks for the I like on my blog.
    I agree, there is too much March Madness. Except for this year’s coming of spring, I can do with out the madness.

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