Hunger Games Hype

I have a prediction, that much like the articles flooding the “books” topic on wordpress, Hardcovers and Heroines will soon be flooded with Hunger Games evaluation and celebration. And because I’m one of the two bloggers, and I know Alison Lee shares my hopefully adorable addiction, I think it’s a safe bet that my prediction will come true. And while I know I should probably just wait for the movie to come out to start blogging about it … all the hype on the internet, on public transportation, in friends conversations is getting to me and I just can’t help myself.

In the real world, I overheard two similarly aged women (maybe a little older) talking about different ways to celebrate the movie coming out. First they decided a party with only meat. Then they decided that was completely not the point, and you’d have to have a party with no food, or only enough food for one person. I wish there was a way to find out what they actually do…maybe just go to the movie and then the food court?

On the internet I’ve been intrigued by…

  • This Hunger Games bracelet
  • This new clip of Gale and Katniss saying goodbye posted on Huffington Post.
  • This fabulous quiz on CollegeCandy that will tell you which character you would date. I obviously got Peeta, thank goodness.
  • The Hunger Games Soundtrack was released today! Here Taylor Swift discusses her single “Eyes Open” which she wrote specifically for the film.
  • This NYT article talks about how the promotion for the movie has been handled. It includes a full time position to reach out to and foster, blog buzz and fan pages.

That’s all for now. But let me know if you are planning something fun to commemorate this weekend. Especially if I am able to replicate it. Also let me know what you get on the quiz, but remember that Peeta is mine…and Katniss’s.

14 thoughts on “Hunger Games Hype

  1. I’m not planning on doing anything to commemorate the deal, but I’m definitely hitting the midnight showing. I may start a fire in the mall theater so as to get a better spot in line during the ensuing confusion, but it would be a strictly non-commemorative fire.

  2. I’m going to a midnight showing and then taking a group of 80 middle schoolers to see it at 10 am. I will be in costume both times.

    • Oh my, I’m not sure which of those showings sounds more exhausting. Actually, I’m pretty sure it would be the middle schoolers. Send a pic of your costume, please. I hope it involves a hoodie of some sort.

  3. I won’t be at the midnight showing, because I was stupid and forgot to get a ticket before they sold out, but I’ll be at the first showing the next day, that’s for sure.

    Also, if anyone wants to take a look at why I think The Hunger Games is better than Twilight, check me out at Thanks!

    Also, I really dig the reviews & stuff. Keep it up


  4. I have ran out of time to read the books! I don’t know whether its better to just go see the film and then read them, or read them when i eventually have time and then see the film. These decisions are too hard haha….I’m really looking forward to both the boks and the film though. 🙂

      • Okiii, I’ve still got time to go out and get the first one and have it read before I see the film. I’ll make it my mission haha… 🙂

      • too late, I’ve already started reading them haha, I’m curious to see what you say though! 🙂

  5. Read the book although I understand the movie follows the book fairly closely. The book is an engrossing easy read so you can still make it.

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