Ten Books I Liked but Don’t Remember Much About


Hello and happy Tuesday! Every now and then I love a book but once I’m finished I don’t remember the details very well or I was so engrossed I forget the story. These are all books that I was obsessed with at one point, but don’t remember much about anymore. I guess it’s time for a reread!

Thanks to The Artsy Reader Girl for hosting this weekly book meme!

Ten Reading Goals for 2018


Hi friends and happy Tuesday! This is a *very* special top ten, because it’s The Artsy Read Girl’s first time hosting the meme. Thank you so much for taking this over. It literally is one of my favorite parts of the week (hence the part of blogging that I *almost* never skip). I feel a little ambivalent on setting goals like this, because I LOVE reading and I don’t want it to feel like a job or like I’m checking off boxes constantly. But I do like the intention setting spirit of January. So in that vein, here are ten reading goals I would love to accomplish this year. But you know what? If I don’t, I’m giving myself permission to say no big deal.

  1. Read one hundred books – I already put this one on goodreads. Some years I make this, some years I don’t. But it still feels like a nice round number to shoot for.
  2. Read at least 50% 2018 releases.
  3. Read at least 40% authors of color.
  4. Read at least 10% authors that are LGBTQ.
  5. Read at least 10% debut authors.
  6. Read more romance novels – I love them so much, they are easy to read, and they make me happy. I don’t know why I don’t read more of them, honestly. But this year I’m going to stop denying myself.
  7. Read at least 10 books of poetry.
  8. Finish reading as many of the fat positive books from this list as possible.
  9. Read more middle grade books to talk to my students about.
  10. Write Amazon reviews for all of my 2017 five star books.

What are your reading goals for 2018? Also … do you have any recs that will help me achieve one of mine?


Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To (Yet!)


Too many books, too little time. I know I’m not the only book blogger – or reader – who feels this way. There are so many books I marked, put on hold at the library, and even bought that I didn’t get to last year. Hoping to get to these ten ASAP, but let’s face it there are always more books coming out every week so … fingers crossed. What books are you hoping to read soon before the tidal wave of 2018 new releases hits your TBR list? Continue reading

Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2017


Hi friends and happy new year! I hope you had a restorative holiday with lots of cozy reading time. I know, I did. Although now it’s back to writing, writing, writing. I worked hard to read lots of debut and new-to-me authors this year, so this list was particularly tricky for me to narrow down. But somehow I’ve managed to cull ten authors I’m so glad I discovered over the last year. I’m excited to read more of all of their books in the year ahead! Continue reading

Top *Eleven* Favorite Books of 2017


I know, I know … it’s topĀ tenĀ Tuesday. Not top eleven Tuesday. But 2017 was such a good year for books. I seriously started with 24 books on the list, and whittling the last one out proved impossible. So you are getting my eleven favorite books of the year, skewed heavily toward my interest in YA, but with a surprisingly high number of “adult” books making the list this year. Which of these have you read and which do you want to? Let me know in comments! Continue reading

Top Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit


Hi friends! Sorry, I’ve been missing. Trying to finish NaNoWriMo and do revisions on another project kept me busy! But I didn’t want to miss this Top Ten Tuesday. I always ask my creative writing students this questions as a springboard for talking about using sensory language in setting descriptions. Here are books with places that are vividly described and characters I’d love to meet. Continue reading

Ten YA Books I’m SO Thankful For


Hi friends! Happy Tuesday and happy almost-Thanksgiving! I’m writing a little today about the YA books that helped inspire me to write YA and love YA and write the kind of YA that I do. It’s a little more verbose than my usual Tuesday posts. I think it’s because I’m in that gratitude zone you (sometimes) reach around the holidays. So here are the YA books I’m most thankful for! Continue reading