Have Your Reading Habits Changed Since the Election?


This weekend, I was reading Publisher’s Weekly and saw a piece about what books have become drastically more popular this year. While sales of Trump’s book The Art of the Deal have dramatically risen (325% increase), most of the other books had to do with with feminism, race, warnings of fascism, and the constitution. It Can’t Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis, has increased sales by twelve thousand percent. Sales of March, the graphic novel John Lewis co-created, increased by over four hundred percent. Sales of The Constitution, Brave New World, Animal Farm, and Fahrenheit 451 have all risen dramatically. This is heartening!  Continue reading



Happy Friday friends! It’s been a hard week for America, but a pretty good week for Alison. My mom came to visit for two nights. The most exciting thing we did should already be obvious. I bought our tickets in a totally random, lucky moment right around graduation last year. It was the most lovely to get to share the show with my mom after waiting for so long. When Hamilton and Lafeyette say, “Immigrants, we get the job done,” the audience screamed, hollered, and clapped. I basically cried the whole way through, especially when George Washington stepped down. Still processing the election. Still on my own mind loop about revisions and new stories and publishing. But what a big, fun thing to get to do! So grateful!

Ten Graphic Novels I Want to Read


Hi friends! I have read a few graphic novels – and really enjoyed them – but haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on the great stories that exist in the world. Since I already wrote a post about picture books during a freebie week, I thought I’d list some graphic novels that I want to read in the not too distant future. Let me know what I should add to the list and/or which of these I should make sure to read first in the comments. Continue reading

Five Good Things


Hi friends. Congratulations on making it through the week. I don’t know if it makes sense to write about good things during a week where so much made me feel sad and angry and scared. Separating the personal from the political is a privilege not everyone has. I’m trying to pay attention. But I’m also reading more than ever, retreating into my writing, spending time with friends, and trying to be a good teacher. So yeah, here are some things that made me smile this week:  Continue reading

Take Care of Yourselves


Take care of yourselves this weekend, friends. Whatever that means to you. It’s no secret that I’ve been disappointed by the results of this election. I’ve tried to lean towards love instead of fear since then, but it isn’t always easy and all week I’ve had a hard time writing because I’m sad. Sad that Donald Trump will be our president and sad that the Obamas, who’ve I respected so much, won’t be in the White House anymore. As always, I’ve been grateful for the ability (and privilege) to take breaks and retreat into writing and reading during tough times. So yeah … I don’t know what to write, except take care of yourselves.

That could mean marching. It could mean not leaving your house. It could mean watching the news to stay informed. It could mean forgoing social media and participating in this cool read-a-thon. For me, it means driving down to the DC area with a caravan of friends to prepare for Saturday’s march. But I know it won’t be the same for everyone.

My 2017 Reading/Writing Resolutions


Happy first Friday of 2017? How is the year going for you so far? I’m excited to be back in New York, excited about the big news I shared yesterday, and excited about all the amazing books coming out this year. I never make all my reading resolutions, but I do think I read more books and read better books than when I don’t make them. So here are my reading and writing goals for the upcoming year. Continue reading

How Did I Do on my 2016 Bookish Resolutions?

  • Read 100 books (if I don’t list it I won’t do it). NOPE! I only made it to 98! But I’m still happy with that – even though it is about 20-30 books fewer than I’ve read in the last couple of years. 
  • Read diversely. This means race, religion, mental health, nationality, ability, body type, sexuality and sexual orientation, and the many other ways it is beneficial to read and support books with diverse authors and diverse characters. MEH… I’m counting 28 diverse reads. That’s a little more than 25% … which isn’t bad, but could definitely be better. 
  • Read debut fiction and new releases. COMPLETED! I read 48 new releases, and 8 of those books were debuts. Hoping for more debuts in 2017! 
  • Read House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton. It’s been a goal since 2008 – hopefully 2016 is the year. NOPE! Maybe in 2017 … but I doubt it! 
  • Complete a draft of a novel that is ready to be queried (and query it). Thesis semester, I’m looking at you. COMPLETED! Some exciting news about this one coming up. 
  • Complete a first draft of another project. If the only thing I can control about this process is the writing, I want a back up project going to keep the pressure lower on whatever I’m querying. NOPE! I did write 100 pages of new novel, received notes on it, and am in the process of recrafting my outline. 
  • Graduate my MFA program. (Hopefully this one won’t be too hard). COMPLETED!
  • Take advantage of all the readings and networking opportunities and panels that I have because I live in New York. COMPLETED! This is still my number one favorite thing about living in NYC, except for bagels of course. 
  • Keep poetry a part of my life. MEH… I went to two poetry readings and wrote one new poem this year. I could definitely be doing better. 

I’m still thinking of my bookish resolutions for the year and will post them on Friday! Do you make resolutions – bookish or otherwise? If so, how did you do in 2016?