Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To (Yet!)


Too many books, too little time. I know I’m not the only book blogger – or reader – who feels this way. There are so many books I marked, put on hold at the library, and even bought that I didn’t get to last year. Hoping to get to these ten ASAP, but let’s face it there are always more books coming out every week so … fingers crossed. What books are you hoping to read soon before the tidal wave of 2018 new releases hits your TBR list? Continue reading

Top Ten Books I Recently Added to My TBR List


I know I’m not alone in feeling like my TBR list (to be read list) is always growing. I can remember times going into a bookstores and thinking that I had no idea what to buy or nothing that I wanted to read next … somehow I doubt that will every happen again. Here are a few books that recently cropped up on my TBR list. Let me know what you think of them and what books you are hoping to read soon in the comments! Continue reading